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Medical Missions

MedicalMissions.com is set to revolutionize the missions world for those in the medical profession. This site provides information on a variety of conferences, organizations, and learning tools for both medical students and professionals. The wealth of knowledge on the site from the industry leaders helps prepare users to better serve others both domestically and internationally.

We Did: Full Design & Development

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ICTOAD stands for "I Can't Think of a Date" and, you guessed it, is a site that helps people (read: guys) plan an awesome date for that special someone. All date ideas are created by site members, and they range from romantic to adventurous, with some wacky ones in between. The main goal of ictoad.com is to build healthy relationships and have users share the ideas that worked for them.

We Did: Full Design & Development

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Cotton Eyed Joe's

We met Jodi and the gang from Cotton Eyed Joe's at a tradeshow in Atlanta. We were immediately intrigued by their t-shirt printing business, and it just so happened they were looking for a new web development company. What they ended up with is a site that houses their online store, design and art approvals, work samples, and much more. The best part is, we integrated our SmartSites CMS, and they have full control over the site.

P.S. - We highly recommend their services, so if you're in need of some threads, be sure to check them out.

We Did: Design, Development, Online Store, SmartSites CMS

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SHOUT 365 is an awesome ministry that provides prayer support for children and teenagers from within the church. Steve, the creator of SHOUT 365, enlisted our services to create the online portion of his vision. After a couple outline meetings, we got cranking on the site, and it turned out to be one of the most fun and challenging sites we have worked on to date. Since its inception, we have added store functionality, web to text message functionality, chat meetings, video sessions, and much more.

We Did: Design, Development, Online Store, SmartSites CMS, Chat Feature

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SmartSites CMS

With the internet becoming the main source for information these days, we realized how important it was for our customers to keep their site as up-to-date as possible. This realization turned into a brainstorming session, which turned into some sketching, which turned into one of the coolest things ICN has ever created. With SmartSites CMS, you can have a custom designed site and also be able to edit the content and pages of the site. Add text, pictures, videos, blogs, calendars, an online store, - you get the point. The best part is, it’s insanely affordable. Get all the details by clicking the Visit Site button below.

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Meybohm Realtors

We have been working with Meybohm, a real estate company in Augusta, GA, for nearly 6 years. Their current site was ranked as one of the Top 10 real estate broker websites in the United States by Real Trends, a leading analyst of the residential brokerage industry. Needless to say, we are very proud of this accomplishment given all of the hard work that has gone into the site. We have incorported many of the bleeding edge real estate technologies, such as virtual tours and advanced mapping software. Whether you need a new house, or just want to see our work, check out the folks at Meybohm Realtors.

We Did: Development, MLS Integration, Property Database Management

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Student Service Ventures

Crabapple First Baptist Church

Pay Logic

Deserft Flower Ministries


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Burrito Brothers Youth Camp

The Burrito Brothers Youth Camp needed promotional materials for their annual summer camp. The theme was “Pinnacle”, so we created a series of mountain climbing pieces to match their camp’s outdoor style. The promotional pieces were sent to churches near the camp to increase attendance.

Desert Flower Ministries Business Card

Desert Flower Ministries is a rapidly growing ministry tailored to women. It was founded by Frances Worthington, who contacted us with a need for branding her new ministry. We were glad to be a part of her vision and developed her logo and business cards to help spread the word about Desert Flower.

SmartSites CMS Handouts

When travelling to tradeshows to promote our SmartSites product, the team needed an effective way to give the visitors as much info as possible in as little time as possible. Our promotional postcards were the perfect solution, showcasing our amazing features and unbelievable pricing. These cards have been a huge part of the SmartSites success.

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Prayer Notebook iPhone App

How often have you said you would pray for someone and then forgotten? If you're like us, more often than you would like to admit! That is why we created Prayer Notebook. Prayer Notebook allows you to organize your prayer life and set up reminders to remind you to pray. We leveraged the latest iOS technologies to make the app have a unique UI and a snappy interface. Find out more at prayernotebookapp.com

We Did: Design, Development, Awesomeness.

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The Creative Board

The guys behind The Creative Board had a physical product that people loved. However, they wanted to move their great idea into the tech world, which is where we came in. We were tasked with developing both a native Mac app and a cloud-based web app that translated the concept of the physical board onto the computer screen. We think the results speak for themselves.

We Did: Mac App Development, Design, Real-time Cloud Collaboration

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